Paper-Duino-Pi and urban measurement

The Paper-Duino-Pi is an Arduino shield for the Raspberry Pi. Due to the fact that it is designed as Paper-PCB it is easy to create and one doesn't need a printed circuit board. All components are standard electronic parts that are easily available at your favorite electronic shop. Plus they are really cheap. All you need to build one is some basic electronic knowledge and soldering skills.

Because the Paper-duino-Pi is mounted on the GPIO Pins of the Raspberry Pi no USB port is needed.

One can use the Arduino IDE running on the Raspberry Pi to upload programs on the Paper-Duino-Pi. Once you uploaded the Firmata you have easy access to all the in- and outputs of the Arduino controlled by Pure Data. This way it's just simple to connect sensors, buttons and potis to control your Pure Data patch running on your Raspberry Pi. It also functions vice versa: connect light, motors, step- and servomotors and control them with the patch running on the Raspberry Pi.

During the workshop we will build our own Paper-Duino-Pi. We connect the board to a Raspberry Pi and to some gas sensors. These sensors will measure carbon monoxide, methane, butane and other air pollutions. For the Raspberry Pi we write a Pure Data patch that generates sound based on the data provided by the gas sensors. As a result we'll get a generative sound piece trigger by air pollution.


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laptop, 20 Euros (Paper-Duino-Pi), If you don't have a Raspberry Pi we will have some available to buy or borrow.