BridA/Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica

The collective BridA was founded in 1996 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where its members Jurij Pavlica, Sendi Mango and Tom Kerševan completed their studies.

Their work is based on the deliberation of the processes and roles in contemporary art and the principle of collaboration and group work. BridA's explorations and projects mostly happen in collaboration with other artists, experts and creators. Their defining features are engagement in their local environment, expansive ties with research institutes and universities, successful performances abroad, and their own artist in residence programme.


Amro Contributions

Year Title Format
2018 Spreadkom Intervention
2018 Spreadkom - Building sound-based communication networks Workshop
2018 Spreadkom Intervention
2018 Speak with SpreadKOM! AMRO Showcase