FRAUD (Audrey Samson and Francisco Gallardo) is a métis duo of critical spatial practitioners, which develops forms of art-led enquiry that examine the financialisation of nature through extractive data practices. Somerset House Studios alumni, the duo has been awarded the State of Lower Saxony – HBK Braunschweig Fellowship (2019-20), the King’s College Cultural Institute Grant (2018), and has been commissioned by Fiskars Village (2020) and the Cockayne Foundation (2018). Recent work includes: 'Carbon Derivatives' that has been namely presented at the Salon Suisse (the 57th Venice Biennale), the Whitechapel Gallery (2018) and the Somerset House (2018); Shrimping Under Working Conditions that was shown at Kunsthall Trondheim (2017) and the Empire Remains Shop in London (2016); and 'Goodnight Sweetheart / the Right to Happiness' which was exhibited at the Asia Culture Center in Gwangju (2019), and has been featured in ‘Behind the Smart World’, Radio Canada, and Asia Art Pacific.

Amro Contributions