Yves Degoyon

Yves Degoyon (es/fr) is a musician/performer and a free software developer/dealer .

He developped since 2001 some tools for audio and video processing within the frame of Pure Data and some tools for escaping from the software mainstream, promoting self-mediation and inventive ways of communicating and organizing.

he's practising copyleft philosophy under the name of d.R.e.G.S : http://ydegoyon.free.fr

some bits of code ::

G.I.S.S. : http://www.giss.tv
/etc/groups : http://etc-groups.sf.net
MapOMatix : http://mapomatix.sf.net
P.i.D.i.P : http://ydegoyon.free.fr/pidip.html
Unauthorized PD : http://ydegoyon.free.fr/software.html

Amro Contributions