Contributors 2010

220hex / Gisle Frøysland has for over a decade been one of the key figures of the Norwegian electronic arts scene. He is a founding member of BEK - the Bergen Centre for Electronic Art, initiator/maintainer of the FLOSS videoapp MøB, and main organizer of the Piksel festival in Bergen, Norway. Since the early 80s he has been working as a musician, VJ and visual artist.

Born in 1979. Degree in Computer Sciences and New Media at the Technical University Vienna. Study scholarship at the Kiev Polytechnical Institute (Ukraine) and Helsinki University of Technology (Finland). Diploma thesis on “A mobile Blogging Solution – Aggregation and Management of location-based Content in the Java Application Domain” at the Interactive Media Systems- and E-Commerce Group. Currently working in Vienna in the field of software engineering based on mobile- and web applications with a focus on projects for Mobilkom Austria AG.

IOhannes m zmölnig is an Austria-based software- and media-artist and member of the art-collective forum::für::umläute. He is currently working at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM) in Graz. Being an active member of the FLOSS-community, he is one of the core developers of the Pure Data computer music environment, for which he also provides a number of libraries, including Gem for realtime-graphics and iemguts which is targeted at writing live-coding systems within Pd. IOhannes m zmölnig has performed concerts between Bergen and São Paolo, Perth and New York.

member of goto10

Adriaan van Kampen aus Amsterdam hat autonome Computerkomposition studiert. Er spielt in der Network Band Powerbooks unplugged, ist ein Mitglied des Ensembles für elektro-akustische Musik Schreck und von GOTO10, einem Arthack-Kollektiv, das sich mit FLOSS (Free and Open Source Software) auseinandersetzt.

New Zealand born artist, inventor and teacher based in Berlin, Germany. He has presented his papers and projects at many museums, international electronic-art events and conferences, including the Tate Modern, Transmediale, Ars Electronica and the Japan Media Arts Festival. His work has received several awards, ranging across technical excellence, artistic invention and interaction design.

Programmer, theorist and artist, Martin Howse has worked collaboratively under the heading xxxxx, in audio performance and wide ranging production and publication. In the last years, he directed -micro-research, presenting a series of open workshops and working groups centred in Berlin. Current projects include the establishment of an interdisciplinary mobile research laboratory devoted to the use of free software and open hardware within the field of psychogeophysics.

Martin Kaltenbrunner (*1972) is professor for Tangible Interaction Design, head of the Tangible Music Lab and director of the Postdigital Lutherie master program at the Institute of Media Studies at the University of Art and Design in Linz.

Michael Zeltner explores spaces in technical possibilities of humanistic storytelling. He co-founded the first localised cell of Graffiti Research Lab ( in Vienna ( and helped redestribute 500.000 Euros of public funding for New Media Art as part of the coordination team of the self-organised funding pool NetzNetz ( In London he contributed to projects such as Ear Cinema

KOBAKANT explore the use of wearable technology as a medium for commenting on the social and technological aspects of today's high-tech society. Conscious of wearability and questioning of functionality, we believe in the spirit of humoring technology and present our twisted criticism of the stereotypes it creates. For us technology exists to be hacked, DIYed and modified by everyone to fit our needs and desires.